Senior Mobile Engineer (Android)

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  • Toronto, Canada

Senior Mobile Engineer (Android)

Job description

We are on the hunt for a senior Android developer who is willing to optimize our solution within the Chinese Android development ecosystem. Requires experience in building complex SDK and should be able to get things done in half the time that most people think possible.  Are you convinced that you fit the profile and that a fast-paced, high growth working environment would fit your skills?

Then let’s talk.

You will be working on the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). What we offer you is not a classic app development job but a position that enables you to dive deep into low-level Android.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for the implementation of the Android build of the  Sentiance China SDK

  • Bring the China SDK on par with our standard SDK despite the limitations of Android functionalities in China

  • Optimize the SDK to work on most of the mainstream Chinese phones

  • Do technical analysis, develop a deep understanding of the low-level Android APIs (scheduler, sensor handling, power management, …)

  • Write technical documentation as part of the SDK documentation packs

  • Participate in internal brainstorm sessions on SDK features

  • Do Unit testing and regression testing, including automated testing

  • Package and deliver demo apps from testing environments to live app store releases

  • Support the team in China on ad-hoc tasks when necessary


Desired Skills and Expertise

  • You demonstrated progression and growth as an Android developer through past assignments developing applications

  • You have knowledge and experience of development on the Android SDK and Android devices landscape

  • You know the constraints and limitations of Android development in the Chinese ecosystem and ways to circumvent them

  • Troubleshooting skills using data to find anomalies and test hypotheses

  • Ability to effectively communicate with third-party technical and sales teams, both in English and Mandarin.


  • You have any experience with other mobile development environments (HTML5/Angular/CSS/JS, Tizen)

  • Statistical approach of analyzing data

  • Basic knowledge using SQL and Kibana

Competitive Package