Mobile React Native Engineer AA

  • Data Engineering
  • Antwerpen, Belgium

Mobile React Native Engineer AA

Job description

We are looking for the most ambitious and curious engineers in the field. If you have at least 2 years of experience working as a Mobile (React Native) Engineer or Front End Engineer and you are convinced that a fast-paced, high growth working environment would fit your skills, this position may be a good fit for you. You will be part of the team developing mobile apps and self service dashboard visualising and managing data. 

  • Sentiance aims to provide great interfaces and high quality user experiences to understand and analyze the lifestyle & driving behavior data

  • Enjoy being a generalist working on user interfaces, front end, native languages, and anything it takes to solve problems and delight users

  • Uphold best practices in engineering, security, and design

  • Attention to detail and user experience.

  • Take pride in working on projects to successful completion involving a wide variety of technologies and systems

  • Enjoy working with a diverse group of people, with a different technical background and focus

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Building and improving our app experience

  • Collaborating with designers to develop beautiful interfaces that look great and run smoothly

  • Work on our public and private APIs for making data accessible in a secure and performant manner

  • Work with data engineers and scientists to track and monitor data quality from the SDK

At Sentiance people come to have an impact and learn.  You’ll be a part of an international team brought together by a culture of technical excellence, grit and integrity.  You’ll find our compensation and rewards competitive and of course, we have all the start up essentials: free coffee, nuts, fruits, a ping pong table in Antwerp, and often home baked goods.  Better yet, expect an agile and flat structure, dynamic growth opportunities, flexibility, and an openness for the curious.


Desired skills and expertise

  • You have a degree (BSc or MSc) in computer science or related field, complemented with a minimum of 2 years working experience
  • Solid knowledge of TypeScript conventions and patterns, both on the frontend and backend
  • Solid work experience with the NodeJS ecosystem
  • Solid experience with front-end React/React Native framework 
  • Experience and feeling with social media environments
  • You have experience with various testing patterns and supporting frameworks, (Jest, Mocha, Chai, snapshot testing, unit testing)
  • Strong understanding of GraphQl and RESTFul services' conventions and architecture
  • You can work independently and take matters into your own hands.
  • The ability to quickly learn new technologies and successfully implement them is essential
  • You take pride in delivering high quality, reusable code and user interfaces.

Bonus points

  • You know and understand the structural parts of a React application (redux, sagas, react-router/navigation (RN))
  • You do not fear css-in-js patterns (RN stylesheets, styled-components, Styled Systems)

  • Notions of functional programming patterns in a modern front end (hooks, immutability, pure components, stateless functions,...)

  • Work experience with Neo4j, SQL and NoSQL databases

  • You know how to create a bridge between the Native language and JavaScript code

  • You know how to improve or set up a modern build and CI/CD pipeline and understand the importance of the different tools involved (webpack, metro, linting, prettier, commit hooks, circle-ci,...

  • You know how to use data visualization tools (and libraries like d3.js) for analyzing or debugging data

  • Happy to work with (anything).js